Reece Anderson


Since 2010, Reece has served as full-time development director for a number of local and global nonprofit organizations. Over the years, he has executed successful multi-million dollar campaigns for these organizations as well as developed strategies that more than tripled their revenue. He also has a passion for technology and has been able to leverage his skills in digital marketing, and app and web development to make these campaigns so successful. He founded Cause Creative Group with his wife, Susan to assist other nonprofits, businesses, and churches to amplify their voice in the digital landscape and reach their goals.


In his spare time, Reece enjoys playing his guitar, mountain biking, and going on travel adventures with his family.



Susan Anderson


For over a decade, Susan has served on staff for a number of global and local nonprofits, leading impactful programs and developing effective fundraising and communication strategies. She realized that an organization’s capacity to do good work is directly correlated to available funds and resources. Storytelling quickly became a passion of hers. Combined with her love for design work and web development, she founded Cause Creative with her husband, Reece with one goal in mind. They wanted to equip local nonprofits, local businesses, and churches with the tools to effectively tell their story, expand their reach, and in turn, raise their capacity to serve the communities they love most.


Susan enjoys mountain biking with friends and traveling to new places with her family.

John Berry

Director of Marketing Services

John brings a wide range of marketing and development experience in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors to the team. He has served as communications specialist for a corporation with 14,000+ employees, and overseen multi-million dollar campaigns as a nonprofit development director. His unique skillset of producing creative content and managing relationships makes John a vital member of our Cause Creative group.


John enjoys playing and watching (mainly watching) sports, barbershop quartet singing, and spending as much time as possible with his wife Heidi, and their two sons; Reece and Blake.

Gina Anderson

Director of Leadership & Strategy

Gina Anderson brings over 40 years of experience working with churches and nonprofits to our Cause Creative Team. Certified by Board Source and driven by a passion for people, Gina excels at guiding organizations through challenges, helping them ask tough questions, and finding practical solutions. Her extensive experience in both the nonprofit and church sectors provides her with a deep understanding of the unique needs and dynamics of these organizations.


With any extra free time, Gina enjoys writing, spending time outdoors, and cherishing moments with her family.

Uliana Yurchenko


Along with her photographic and creative talents, Uliana brings a positive energy to the Cause Creative team. She recently relocated from Mariupol, Ukraine, where she operated a photography business for six years.


In her spare time, Uliana loves to spend time with her husband and two-year-old son. She also loves to travel and capture the world through the lens, as she did recently during a photography project in Kenya. We’re excited to have Uliana in East Texas and part of the Cause Creative team!

John Silva 

Digital Campaign Manager

With great creative expertise, John is ready to innovate anything that comes his way. Bringing a bubbly and energetic personality to the Cause Creative team, he is eager to transform ideas into great visual realities!


In his spare time, John loves to spend time with friends and family, constantly finding something fun to do. He loves watching movies and always has time to play sports on the weekends, making sure he remains active in his free time. We are so glad to have him as a part of our team!