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Having access to the right resources is crucial for effectively leveraging fundraising technology. Here’s a list of a few resources, including online courses, websites, blogs, and tools, to help you and your nonprofit team get up to speed on using technology for fundraising.


Online Courses and Certifications


TechSoup Courses: Offers various training on technology for nonprofits, including how to use databases, social media, and other tools for fundraising and donor management.


Coursera and edX: These platforms host courses from universities and colleges on digital marketing, social media strategy, and data analysis, which are essential skills for digital fundraising. Provides free online courses and training for nonprofit professionals, including fundraising and marketing.


Philanthropy University: Offers courses specifically designed for social impact organizations worldwide, focusing on fundraising, strategy, and organizational development.


Websites and Blogs


NTEN (Nonprofit Technology Network): A community of nonprofit professionals that offers research, reports, and training on using technology in the nonprofit sector.


Beth’s Blog: One of the longest-running blogs on nonprofits, Beth Kanter shares valuable insights on leveraging digital tools and social media for effective fundraising.


The Digital Nonprofit: This site offers advice and best practices on digital fundraising, social media, and nonprofit technology trends.


TechCrunch and Mashable: While not nonprofit-specific, these websites are excellent for keeping up with the latest technology and digital marketing trends that can be applied to fundraising.


Tools and Platforms


Google for Nonprofits: Offers access to Google’s suite of products at no cost, including Google Ad Grants, which can be used for fundraising promotion.


Canva for Nonprofits: This resource provides free access to premium features for creating engaging visuals for social media, email campaigns, and other fundraising materials.


Hootsuite or Buffer: Social media management tools allow you to schedule posts, track engagement, and analyze the performance of your fundraising campaigns.


Mailchimp: This email marketing tool offers free plans for small nonprofits to manage email campaigns and donor communications.


Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud: Salesforce offers a CRM version specifically designed for nonprofits, helping them manage donor relationships and fundraising campaigns.


Give Lively: Give Lively is a free fundraising platform for nonprofits that offers solutions for online giving, event ticketing, and text-to-donate campaigns.




“Nonprofit Management 101” by Darian Rodriguez Heyman and Laila Brenner: This book offers a comprehensive guide on various aspects of nonprofit management, including chapters on fundraising and technology.


“The Networked Nonprofit”  or “Measuring the Networked Nonprofit: Using Data to Change the World” by Beth Kanter and Allison Fine: These books focus on how nonprofits can leverage social media and technology to increase their impact.


Forums and Community Groups


LinkedIn Groups: Join groups such as “Nonprofit Professionals Forum” or “Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN)” to ask questions and share experiences with peers.


Facebook Groups: Like “Nonprofit Social Media Storytelling,” where community members share insights and tips on digital fundraising.


TEAM ENGAGEMENT App available for purchase to provide insights on leveraging employee engagement for your organization’s success.  




Chat GPT


ZOOM AI Companion: ZOOM AI Companion can gather, synthesize, and share information from multiple sources across Zoom. Ask AI Companion is there to help you with those routine but time-consuming tasks like meeting preparation. It can create a meeting agenda or an executive brief for a project. Grantable helps mission-driven teams to get more use out of carefully crafted prose by utilizing generative AI technology to help you respond to proposal questions.


Numerous AI: Among many other functions, Numerous AI can generate AdWords keywords, ad copy, Facebook campaign structures, ad titles, SEO content, and more to reduce the grunt work associated with your digital marketing campaigns.