Welcome to Cause Creative. We’re so glad you’re here!

Our goal is simple – to pull in our team of creative experts to elevate your cause and increase your capacity to do the good work you’ve set out to do. 

We are a full-service creative agency, passionate about creative work, marketing, fundraising, and communications. For over a decade, we have served as full-time program and development staff for a number of local and global organizations and businesses.


This background has put us in a unique position to understand some of the challenges many nonprofits and small businesses encounter when it comes to achieving healthy, organizational growth. We know what it takes, and we also know it can be hard to find one person who possesses every skill set to accomplish it all. That’s why we started Cause Creative – to discover your pain points and connect you with the right team member who can not only help take things off your plate but do it with excellence.


Reece Anderson


Susan Anderson

Founder &


John Berry

Director of

Marketing Services

Gina Anderson

Director of Leadership & Strategy

Uliana Yurchenko

Photographer/ Content Specialist

John Silva

Digital Campaign Manager